Did JERRY RAWLINGS abandon the principles of his so-called revolution of June 4 when he took the Abacha Loot? 
The USD5.M, not USD2.M he wants you to swallow. The size or amount is of course of no relevance here. Let’s say it is Ghc2.00. 
Initially he went to all dirty great distances to deny the mere mention of it. Parliament was stopped by the vociferous NDC. 
Twenty years down the line he came up with a story fit for the dining tables of morons and Marines. 
And just once? Just once. 
Then how come he is the embodiment of accountability, transparency and all those meaningless jargons he and his so-called cadres are wont to spew out? 
If this corrupt person is now the only symbol of morality in the NDC, then I fear for the party. 
The Abacha Apple tainted Rawlings forever. And for him to call others names as he did on 31st Dec., 2016 means he is conscienceless. He lost the moral high ground. His corruption-tag is of a higher value because he is the prophet, 
Principle is principle. That’s what some of us learnt from our parents. People were shot and killed by Rawlings for less. People who took loans were shot. Hoarders were whipped bloody. And you were part of the thievery that went on in Nigeria? The worst part was he lied to Ghanaians. How come we want to gloss over those facts. The defeat of the NDC is his doing too. 
The lowest level that dude could descend to was to say corruption in the party started in Mills time. Ask him when he dined with Abacha. Was it before 2008? 
Former President HE JERRY JOHN RAWLINGS is as corrupt as any lowlife in Ghana. 
I was with Jerry Rawlings since the beginning. But I don’t know him. 
I spent just a day in a conclave with Prof Mills at the castle. I saw tears from his eyes. He wept. And I know him. I was not with him at the golf play grounds. But I know him. 
Kofi B. Kukubor