This is what’s wrong with our system. 
We grade corruption by the personality indulging in it. Here’s a leader of a revolution who shot people tied at the stakes for taking Ghc50,000 (old system). The Roger Fellis and the Utukas. Fast forward and this Rawlings became friends with a thief. This thief stole from his people. He shared the loot with like minds across Africa that are willing to do PR work for his image. Rawlings received a whooping Usd5 million. Ghanaians heard about it. The lawmakers house took the matter up. The ruling corrupt NDC Govt and party backed a corrupt persons denial. Investigative journalists like Bill Nyarko went to Nigerian villages to dig up the truth. The attack dogs of the corruption brigade were let loose. People backed off. 
Fast forward again to twenty years time. Hell broke loose. A Nigerian dare devil came over with solid info on the thievery. Rawlings was confronted with solid intelligence work. He succumbed and struck a deal. 
Rawlings finally told the world that Sanni Abacha indeed gave him the money, but not the Usd5 million Gozo was asked to deliver, but a mere Usd2 million. He further moronically told a suspicious public that as he had no bank account, he left the two million dollars on the office table and it became the office petty cash which every joke who enters the office uses until it dried up. 
What a stupid and a palpable idiocy. 
Recently a former Israeli Prime Minister who took a small campaign fund was jailed because of the principles they preach. That’s after so many years of leaving office. Go to another country called Brazil. Visit South Korea. They all have state imbued statutes that clearly spell out sanctions and penalties for getting into unholy alliances with corruption. 
Ghana, instead of holding Corrupt Rawlings to account, after listening to his lame excuse, is rather offering him a platform to speak on morality, accountability, transparency, fidelity, incorruptibility and good governance. 
What is Ghana telling its massive youthful population? That it pays to be corrupt? That the Ghana of today doesn’t care how you come into your wealth? That society will offer you a place at the high table irrespective of the means to your riches? 
The things we practiced in secret are things that are being done in the open today. The lawlessness and disregard for authority is what we planted. 
And we are going to reap its full benefits if we do not stop glorifying thievery and corruption. 
The Rawlingses and all those corrupt personalities should be made to face the prescribed penalties today and our society will take a good cue from that. 
Unless we are all so corrupt. 
Yes, from ministers of religion, public servants, judiciary, police/army/revenue/customs, political thugs and thieves, to the lowest in the land, we are all thieves. We have no conscience. We lack morals. 
This country will pay dearly for this treacherous lifestyle we’ve adopted after the sacrifice of the Great Osagyefo. 
The distrust of our institutions is breeding the lawlessness. No one will be spared. The lynchings are but the precursor to a full blown failed state. 
God Almighty save us.


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