On Saturday the 12th of March, 2016, I was in Agbozume for the installation and outdooring of the Overload or the FIAGA of SOME, Makorsor Togbi Adamah iii.

I then wrote a piece on the event and posted some pictures to magnify the occasion.

To my surprise, I stepped on the royal toes of one young man who goes by the name Elikem Secku​.

My misdemeanor was I wrote SOME, instead of what the owner of the land would want me to put out, which to him is SOMEY.

This young man put out a comment and to quote him, (as he deleted the post), “dont you ever write SOME for SOMEY again.”

The young man, Elikem Secku wants the whole world to know he wont let go the hurt that still lives in his heart. Their generation still believes they’ve been robbed of their birthright. The bile in them, the venom in them wouldn’t let them give in to the falsity of their beliefs. So he found a valve to let go some steam that is chocking him by trying to tell me I, Doe Kofi Adamah, do not know my culture and the traditions of my people and kinsmen. Their regrettable actions which do not merit a mention here will always come back to haunt them. Their grandfathers did same and paid dearly for it with their pitiful lives. We live in a different dispensation today. So they help nature by letting sleeping lions lie.

I want somebody to tell Elikem Secku to research and reference properly and thoroughly before he comes out next time to put out his ignorance in a matter that is in the bosom of a Royal. The nuances of the Children of Nukpornuku was fed me from childhood. I do not have the need to read written accounts from anyone today.

I would like Elikem Secku to go read the accounts of KAKABIKU, the departed historian and Scribe of the Some State whose publications and chronicles capture the true picture of who the Some’s are.

And for the records I feature a picture which was the Official portrait of FIAGA TOGBI ADAMAH II, King of Some, as captured and officially used in all publications and official records of the Some ( SONUME ) State with the correct textum of the name of my people.

Atsiga menorna anyi, wodona atsivi de ete o. Metsitsi ge o.



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