At a brief but most significant ceremony yesterday, the 12th day of March, 2016, Kingmakers of the Some Stool concluded all necessary rituals and activities that paved way for the introduction of Togbi Adamah III, as the Makorsor of Some. (SONUME) to the Some Dua and Fiadufea.

The function which was held at the forecourt of the Makorsor Palace at Agbozume was attended by a number of Paramountcies headed by their traditional overlords.

From Ziope Traditional Area came the Fiaga Togbi Bimi. He is also a member of the Council of State. The Fiaga of Aflao Traditional Area, Adzonugaga Togbi Fiti was in attendance too. Togbi Addo, Fiaga of Klikor Traditional Area chaired the function.

Togbi Akaba, Fia of Anyako and Togbi Atsiane, Fia of Agbozume also graced the occasion and steered the affairs to a wonderful end.

(NB. Full titles of the Togbiwo was not available at time of publishing. All corrections and protocols shall be effected later.)


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