Who Sent Stan? The Curious Case of a Vulture Attempting to Protect the Integrity of the Garbage Heap.

Mind of Malaka

It is only in a country like John D. Mahama’s Ghana that two former Gitmo detainees will find themselves better housed, fed and with greater access to healthcare than the average Ghanaian citizen. After all, should some calamity befall these two, the government will have to answer and give an account to the international community. The millions of hardworking tomato, cocoa and yam farmers/sellers, street hawkers and part time prostitutes that dot the country’s landscape enjoy no such protections. Mahama’s government takes risks with their lives every day; there is no fear of repercussion, no oversight. It is therefore no surprise that a man such as Stanislav Dogbe thrives in such an environment. The corrupt and morally bankrupt are the greatest beneficiaries of President MaHaHa’s brand of “compassion”, and few people have found themselves better protected by the president than this unscrupulous cave dwelling mammal.


I want to make it…

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