We are ready to blame govt, forgetting our own contributions to the causes of the disasters that rail against us year in year out.

We all know the way out. You know it. I know it well more than my palm and my balls.

But we won’t take the necessary measures.

No we won’t. I swear to God, we won’t.

And God knows we won’t. I bet my life on this.. We won’t remedy the vulgar situation.

If we have the balls, let the political leaders, viz NPP/NDC/CPP/PNC all troop to the frontage of Prez. Kufuor’s house and tell the whole nation what happened to the water bay or the flood collecting flat land that existed there all those years. What came of it. And if they have the balls, those high rises that have made that river bed their abode, should be removed asap.

If politics be damned, we then descend on the unplanned estate developers whose activities have compounded the situation.

Then we clear everything on the waterways from that place to Dzorwulu and to Nima and Odorna. All the way to the Korle and the Lavender Hill.

This is for starters.

And I also know to God, they won’t, we won’t, we can’t.

Why am I even wasting my breath?


Nash Adamah…….. Posted from WordPress for Android


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