It is said the last straw broke the camels back.

This very NDC Admin, when in opposition, knowing well the conditions on the ground from the house of the legislature, said through Hon Haruna Iddrisu, one of the Tamale MPs that the Kufuour Admin has no excuse plunging the country into darkness and that when the MILLS/MAHAMA team is voted into power, “edumdum edumdum” will be a THING OF THE PAST.

Ghanaians bought into that beautiful promise and lined up to throw the elephant party into the bush where it belonged.

Need I bother you with a long narrative? No.

So to cut a very long story short, one Lydia Forson got frustrated as many Ghanaians rightfully felt, and created a satire, one I enjoyed so much, and gung ho, hell broke loose from a minority FLAGSTAFF HOUSE BOOTLICKERS who do not know that what they are putting out in response to the many frustrations the poor folks in the street are feeling will rather go to damage the chances of the party in the long run, not necessarily 2016.

I said not 2016 because Dumsor or not, the UNEDUCATED MINDS FROM THE REGIONS WHERE GHANA DERIVES NO RESOURCES FROM, (courtesy Osafo Marfo and Napo Prempeh) have got their minds made up. Mahama and the NDC they shall vote for, again and again. They believe the NPP is not a serious party. They believe the NPP is too vindictive even amongst themselves for them to create space for any newcomer.

Sorry, I digressed a bit.

The fact is you looked into the eyes of Ghanaians and promised them heaven which you could not deliver in the short term. We’ve all heard about the long term solutions that the Admin is putting in place to fix once and for all this energy nightmare that has bedeviled the nation state of Ghana.

Ghanaians gave you the space you demanded according to the time schedules you keep pouring out. I strongly believe many of my folks have lost count of the delivery dates that never materialized.

And when poor girls got tired of waiting, when the prostitutes the castle or the flagstaff house hangers-on knew,(it takes two to tango), demand that action be taken now, the likes of Dela Coffie and the hood descend on them by calling them brothel maids. Do they think the insults would stop people from complaining? When you owe a debt and you promised with your own mouth that you will settle it at the end of the month, what stops you from doing that? We have a social contract with the government, and that is to deliver. It is the govt itself that keep imposing timelines. Nobody bothered Mahama with any dates. You give me a date, stick by it. How many times do we have to bear the changed promises. We are human, we feel hurt too.

The piece by Lydia Forson was not written in anger, as the voice clips of some supposed men of God, ( Dag H. Mills, Rev. Prof Martey, Rev Asante Antwi) clearly depicted. If we took our time to read and re-read her satire, one could see her love and fondness for the gentle Mahama.

Even though she categorically asked you the un-sexy minions and lapdogs not to call her or write in answer to her piece you ignored such directive.


She said she wanted a call from John.

Or is it because you guys believe you can insult more and better than the President?

You were wrong.

The President insults diplomatically. Using words that scratch the back of the people he detests, without his claws showing. (smart businesses are not laying off staff) That is insult a-la diplomacy for you. You don’t need to use gutter words that pour out of your gutter mouths to let people know you are insulting Lydia Forson.

The Party NDC is not for the few who have been appointed to hold office today. So when you guys want to put out something in the name of the party, ask whether it is appropriate.

I will be the first to descend into the gutter with any violator to my decency, that of the party and the president as we oft have done.

But I wont use a hammer to kill a fly.

Don’t push the silent majority to the edges. We are not fools. It is not what you’ve put out against Lydia Forson that is going to frighten others. They have their own minds, even though it might be uneducated.

The masses don’t need any bastardised teaching from you and the hood you dine with.

Dela Coffie drinking lemonade

2 hrs · Edited ·


Dear Lydia Forson,

I’ve followed your Facebook history, and I’ve read a lot of your rantings including your sarcastic attack on Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.

Indeed, it was a jaw dropping experience reading your latest diatribe directed at the president of the republic of Ghana.

Unless, this your latest attack on the President is just an act, it’s rich of you likening him to a dull school boy.

It is of no use educating you on the long term measures being put in place by President Mahama led government to end this enegy crisis once and for all.

However, it is no contradicting the fact that President Mahama is one of the visionary leaders this nation has ever seen. The president is not a ne’er-do-well fellow as the likes of you wants us to believe.

The president and his energy experts are really working. He is not just talking but walking the talk as well.

The president is working to solve the crisis permanently and not just looking for some temporary solutions. He deserves our encouragement and not cynicism.

No one is happy with the current energy situation. If successive governments had solved the energy problem instead of managing it, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This president has been very honest with the situation. He says he want to find a lasting solution not just a temporal antidote. He is doing just that.

So, you see Lydia, regardless of whether you like him or not he’s doing exactly what the people elected him to do, and he’s being as successful as anybody can be expected to be, given what he has to work with.

He was given a mandate from the people in a democratic election and he’s following up on his campaign promises. Many challenges still confront us as people but he is definitely getting the job done.

Lydia, knowledge is divine, and so, instead of trying so hard to become a poster girl for crass and classless behaviour, read and expand your horizon and see clearly what’s happening with regards to the solutions being proffered to the energy challenges.

Need I tell you that no vigorous campaign of calumny can throw the president off balance?

I am not sure if this your frequent throwing of tantrums is a menopausal irritability or a midlife issue. Whatever it is, I am sure President Mahama is ready to take an advise on morality but certainly not from a brothel.

Good evening.


Dela Coffie (Togbui Titriku III)


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