In the light of the Jonathan Goodluck’s statesmanship and love of country, has Nana Addo not shown himself as a non-patriot and a wicked son of Mother Ghana?

For close to a year, after his goons were let loose on innocent Ghanaians, he further punished the poor people of his own country with a law suit in which he tried to become the prez thru the back door.

Look how tall Goodluck Jonathan has grown in stature by just a mere call to his opponent, and just offering words of congrats.

And by the way, did I hear Kufuor telling Jonathan he did the right thing? So what is good for the Naija goose may not be good for the Gh gander?

How hypocrical and inappropriate his words sounded.

Or, maybe or, advice was given, but the greed in the gangsters that sorrounded Nana asked him not to give ear to the Kufuor song.

And this country suffered for nothing for close to a year.

Hope lessons have been learnt.

It took the MAN in Jonathan to teach the NPP in Ghana it is not all things that is good for man. You may have the right to, but………

Sometimes we just have to let go.

Sometimes we allow sleeping dogs to enjoy their little sleep.

And we then have our peace of mind too.

Jonathan is free. Total peace of mind he bought thru a simple call.

And a discerning world clapped for him. He has grown bigger than when he was the prez.

A word to the wise is…………even half a word, should be big enough .


Nash Adamah…….. Posted from WordPress for Android


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