Jerry Rawlings once called Alfred Agbeshie Woyome a thief for being paid the GHC51.2 million judgement debt. Maybe Jerry Rawlings knew something the rest of us did not know then.

Today, the Supreme Court declared that payment and contract illegal and unconstitutional. The case was brought before it by the former Attorney General Martin Hamidu. Judgement for Woyome was given by a lower court for the payment and this has been overturned by the superior court of judicature.

There is another suit pending before the same superior court brought by the state that concerns the criminal and fraudulent nature of the payment. Surprisingly, the wife of Jerry Rawlings also took home some judgement debt in the region of USD 4.1 million. And before the Judgement Debt Sole Commissioner today, it was said the courts that granted the company of Nana Konadu that sum was in a hurry or was rushed. Yet the Citizen Vigilante Martin Hamidu, chose to ignore the moral and silent plea of the people of Ghana that this payment too might not be faithfully effected and needs to be appealed.

My humble plea to Mr Martin Hamidu is to take this issue too and let us retrieve our money should it be declared illegal. Or this case dieee, is too close to his Godfather, Jerry Rawlings?


ADDENDUM 12.03.2015

Today judgement was given by the High Court and Alfred Agbeshie Woyome was declared not guilty. He is a free man except the civil suit. Rawlings started calling Woyome a thief again.

And to not mince words, Jerry Rawlings is no better than Woyome. Woyome took his money in broad daylight but Rawlings own came by the cover of diplomatic darkness.

It is the pot which always finds something wrong with the color of the kettle.


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