I just heard one Philip Langdon talk about corruption and my amazement knew no bounds.

Mr Langdon was contributing on Radio Gold today.

In lambasting the Mahama Admin on its inability to fight the canker of corruption, and using the epistle of Dr Mensa Otabil to support his delivery, the gentleman never said anything about the corrupt practices of the Kufour regime.

He mentioned Gida, Woyome, Brazil, NSS etc.

What I know about these is that Prez Mahama did not sleep on them. It is thru his efforts that things are being made public, unlike the past.

And what I knew about the Kufour era, when it was time to fight the cancer, was that Kufour set up a bogus office called the Office of Accountability to cover up the dirty things from coming out thru the buying of unscrupulous journalists.

Kufour told the whole country that if he exposed his corrupt officials, it would affect the chances of the NPP come election time.

The most callous form of corruption that Ghana ever witnessed then took place with Civil Society, Clergy, Ghana Bar Association,  Chiefs remaining silent.

Kufour topped it up with Gold chains and Lands. The hierarchy of the judiciary benefited. Crooks and Drug gangs flew on Diplomatic Passports. All partisan Religio-Politico Charismatic church leaders receive monthly dollar stipends for their silence.

But now that Mahama is in charge, they found everything wrong.

Ghanaians are not fools. There might be some instances of corruption and thievery going on today, but it can not be compared with what Kufour and his smart thieves did.

With the massive investments in infrastructure and energy, unlike the zero achieved by Kufour, these Sight Challenged NPP Loyalists chose to insult the retentive memory of Ghanaians.

Mensa Otabil tells us nothing wrong went on with Kufour. That is fine. He did not see it. He did not hear about the Kufour hotel. He did not hear about the Obotan thievery. God bless him.

What is good for the goose is supposed to fit the gander.

I can see some infraction in Mahama’s time. I spoke about them. Because I am not a hypocrite. The Elvis A. Ankrah and Kojo Adu-Asare recalls are not conducive to fighting the evil of corruption.

All I wish is for the Philip Langdons and the Mensa Otabils and all the latter day saints of corruption to have spoken about the ills of the days gone by.

If they had, moral society would forever be thankful to them. But they failed mother Ghana. They have therefore lost the chance to talk about corruption in Ghana. But they have no morals and we will allow them to speak. It is not that we wont listen to them. Otabil is a fine teacher, how I wished he had preached against corruption during the dark corrupt era of John Agyekum Kufour.

John Mahama is not bad. He just have to be firm with the inner circle. The dividend will flow to the grassroots.

I believe with the Atuabo and Kpong Water facilities coming on board, his headache will subside.

The devil you know is better than the angel you do not know.

John Mahama I know.

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