10,000,000 HERE, 10,000,000 THERE.

10,000,000 HERE, 10,000,000 THERE.
Folks what is this thing about this figure. I quite remember during the Kufuor regime, an office called THE ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE was set up at the office of the President. The office was headed allegedly by Prof Sai. And the seed money was 10,000,000 Cedis. GHC or CEDIS.


The office was set up due to the noises Ghanaians were making about the rampant corruption that bedevilled the Kufuor regime.

Prez Kufuor when asked about the essence of the office even though the CHRAJ was also in existence by then, boldly told Ghanaians that the office acts as an advisory body to the Ministers and Appointees who got involved in issues of corruption, so that it is treated in-house.
“We dont want to wash our dirty clothes in the full glare of the opposition, for it to be used against us” he remarked.
Ghanaians never had any inkling where that money went. It was a situation the NPP calls today CLS: CREATE, LOOT and SHARE.

Today we have another office in the name of THE YES INNITIATIVE headed by the former head of the Brazil 2014 Black Stars Supporters program. The seed capital is the same figure. This time it is GHC10,000,000. The purpose is said to cater for some youth business idea.

Hon. Kojo Adu-Asare, who controlled the Brazil program and transparency was not a vocabulary he ever heard of, is a man many Ghanaians think should not be given such a huge responsibility.
The way and manner this honourable man handled the supporters program left a sour taste in the mouths of many taxpayers. The non contract dealings he had with those Travel and Tours Agents are grounds many think he should be removed by the appointing authorities as soon as possible.
If the Mahama administration do not want to be seen as condoning corruption, then the earlier Hon. Adu-Asare is sacked, the better.

The NPP should not be given any leeway to say the NDC is as corrupt as them.


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