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President John Dramani Mahama will always be remembered in Ghana. He has already left his mark before the end of his nine year term as the first gentleman of the nation state called Ghana. His legacy will always be cherished by all and sundry. Me and my household shall always be grateful to him.
His grand legacy is not the roads, the hospitals, the schools, the power plants, the economy – vibrant or not – , not the social programs but being bold in the setting up of the DZAMEFE PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO THE BRAZIL 2014 SAGA.
At least, if not for anything else, this initiative have brought two of his most arrogant inner circle members to their weeping knees. Former Minister of Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and Hon. Kojo Adu-Asare are by now cursing the mind that gave birth to the commission.
What those boys did to a widow called Mrs. Getrude Esi Mawufemor Quashigah, not forgetting Monees and Kenkey Boutique, in the name of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Operational Team they set up for the haunted Brazil 2014 Supporters Program, leaves much to be desired. It is evil. It is machiavelian, to borrow from Pastor Mensa Otabil.
How they offered contracts to those three, knowing the competition wont allow the caterers to pursue signed agreements, and doing same to the Travel and Tours Operators, can only be said to be coming from the minds of calculated conmen who thought they have some shred of dignity until now. The poor widow had all of Ghana weeping, watching her narrate the horrible experience handed her by those small boys in far away Brazil. They took her for a fool as they did all others. Maybe she wouldnt be needing their dirty contracts any longer.
The likes of Fred Darko, Agbeshie Nutsu, Joel Nettey, Larry Acheampong, Efua Dantaa, Kojo Adu-Asare and last but not the least, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, should not be allowed to be involved in the affairs of state again.
I almost wept when poor Eli Evans of Dominion Technologies narrated the horrible experience he also went through at the hands of the evil, lying gang. Reasons why the ganged up committee rejected his proposal in favour of Gorsel and Soft Cliq, then giving the job to the former to execute, knowing very well the quoted bills give Dominion the upper hand if value for money is the criteria used in measuring the winner of the whom-you-know bids, can only be explained by the Almighty God himself. On earth here, I might take it that they worked towards a cut in the offered amount.
Even though the Website Development job was given to Gorsel at a quoted amount of GHC27,214 (the Yaw Ampofo Ankrah favoured company according to Ackah Anthony the Media Committee Chairman who said after Soft Clic was declared the winner initially, he Ackah, had a txt message from Yaw Ampofo Ankrah asking him to reverse the offer and rather give it to Gorsel, as his brother the Minister Afriyie Ankrah also favours Gorsel) Gorsel could not deliver the job. Dominion which finally designed the website and is only asking for the cost of the plug-ins he bought, is still owed the amount due him. Dominion was forced (the committee said “take it or leave it” > Eli Evans), to accept GHC5000, which according to Eli Evans, he agreed to in the name of mother Ghana.
Eli Evans is still owed his bills at the time Hon. Kojo Adu-Asare flew another batch of goers to Brazil to Brasilia on the day of the Ghana – Portugal match. That last Ghana exposure ended whiles they were still airborne.
According to Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, in his crocodile tears weeping mood, said when he mooted the idea of the Brazil program, gentle Mahama told him the state has no money. But finally, the office of the Chief of Staff had to bail him out at a time when Waste Disposal companies were not paid, leading to their strike action whose resultant residue is the advent of the cholera epidemic we are battling today.
As at this present moment, all the service providers are taking different actions to claim their unpaid bills. The Travel and Tours, the Caterers, the Website guys, etc.
Had it not been the DZAMEFE COMMISSION, those arrogant guys would be parading the corridors of power with their arrogant and evil chests blown out in undeserved honour.
At least today we know who they are. Their greedy and self seeking souls will be haunted till they meet their maker. This dirt shall never depart from their hands. It shall never wash away.
Hon.??? Kojo Adu Asare is now handling another program called The YES INNITIATIVE, bundling an amount of GHC10,000,000. If transparency is a yardstick in the Mahama Administration, then before I conclude this piece, I should be seeing the back of Adu Asare from that office where taxpayers money is being handled.
My Dear President, thank you very much.


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