Most, if not, the majority of the NDC T-Shirt and Logo loving members/foot soldiers/sympathisers/followers are big fools. We are fools, and I am the biggest of them all.

I have no excuse to give for being the fool. You have.

Our party is supposed to be a Socialist orriented family association, where we create and share, where no greed is imagined, where class is not contemplated.

But of late, I have found out to my chagrin and eternal regret that I have been living in a fools paradise.

Today is a year exactly, when you and I offered ourselves as sacrifices that John Mahama may be installed as a four- year term King of Sikaman.

Today is exactly a year, when you looked on the calm and cool demeanour of John Mahama, and you say to yourself, oh, do it for him.

Today is exactly a year, when at Obra Spot and at the gate of the Nima home of Nana Akuffo Addo, people in NDC T-Shirts and other NDC paraphenalia clad followers were attacked and beaten. When that poor Taxi driver was killed in cold blood at Labone, just that his car had a flyer of NDC make, pasted on it.

One year exactly, when I had to relocate my family to my peaceful and quite village in anticipation of an NPP engineered violence and civil war.

One year exactly, when I foolishly said to myself, enough is enough, bring it on.

Folks, we’ve been hoodwinked. We’ve been lied to and not until the ritual that was performed to close our senses was revoked, you wont be able to see the picture am about to paint for you. And I wont blame you but only pray for your poor soul.

Have you ever attended a rally of the NDC before? Sure, you have. Have you ever attended any of those victory rallies too, and coming out, say to yourself, you played your part? And you now expect the party to fulfill the social contract you signed with it, i.e. to make your life better. But what do you see. You’ve been taken for a buulu/mugu. At a time when the presidency and the party should be working towards the emancipation and upliftment of the whole, attention is paid to only the noble 1%, made up of the inner circle that has emerged. That is their family and friends and cronies, and a few wise rebels who have dossiers on the 1% and are ready to blackmail them.

Of late, a lot of eye popping issues have lifted the veil off my dimned eyes.

Enter the Black Stars Brazil 2014 Supporters Program. The revelations coming from the Presidential Commission of Enquiry can boil your blood. Listening to the coordinator of the program, Fred Darko, one wonders what these guys are up to. From the very beginning, it seems Joseph Yamin, the Kumasi boy, who announced to the whole world that majority of the goers to Brazil would be akatamansonians, was relegated to the back burner. Fred Darko told the commission that most, if not all the appointments made by Commander Elvis Afrirye Ankrah was something termed “Industry Referalls”. There were no adverts for bids. He said he came into the picture by virtue of a phone call from the then Minister of Sports. Ivan, the CEO of Travel Matters too said his company was brought in by the same means. The same goes for the likes of Kenkey Boutique and the other two caterers who won a cool USD 17,500 each as service fees. Fred Darko told the world the food items were bought by the program, and that the amount paid the three catering companies was only for preparing the foods. Their flight and accomondation, all program paid.

Some tit bits from the enquiry:-

Footballers received USD 100 per day.

Ambassadors took USD 250 per day.

The Operationa Team Members had USD 150 per day.

Becca, an Ambassador/Icon, who was paid a whooping fee or allowance for the funds she raised, allegedly USD 25,000, performed and was paid a fee, even though the event generated no income.

A chaperone was flown in from the UK, to handle the celebrities/icons/ambassadors and fees paid too.

No contracts were signed between the travel agencies, Kenpong, Travel Matters and African Origin. They had phone calls and only letters signed by the Honourable Minister. Some parts of the contract were taken over by the ops guys themselves even though the Travel Companies made some initial reccees to secure accomondation in Brazil.

Six operational committees were formed, of which Fred Darko was the Chairman of all the committee heads. The Operations Coordinator to whom all the heads of stations should report to. But Fred told the commission that he was by-passed a lot of the times and reports were given to Elvis directly above his head.

Fred got wind of a Unibank cash USD 10,000 that was not logged into the books, and he call the security outfit to investigate.

Since this is a Ministry of Sports program, one expects the all powerful Minister to allow his deputy Joseph Yamin take charge in his absence from the Ghana Base. Why Elvis made the Chief of Staff handle matters makes no sense.

Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah said the brother, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah was not part of the program. But this lie was laid bare by further revelations coming from the singing lips of Fred Darko. Some of the figures given by both Elvis and Fred do not match.

The operation of this particular job, not talking about others, by a party of which I am a dues paying card holder, makes me question myself what I was doing calling myself an NDC member. If the criteria used in dishing out the contracts to those guys was the friendship of Elvis Ankrah and Kojo Adu Asare, why would one keep silent and bear the shame of those greedy few. Some of us foolishly thought the party is a vehicle that will bring people from bottom up, and not top to top only.

2016 is just by the corner. If the numerous members still feel left out, and they dont vote for the NDC, such inhuman treatments wont be metted out to fools like me.

If I had gotten myself in some fisticuffs with those hooligan NPP guys, braying for the blood of NDC members, what would I have gained today, when the greed of a very few knew no rubicon lines. I believe God in Heaven would have gotten angry with me for being a fool.

Today, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Kojo Adu Asare, Fred Darko, Agbeshie Nutsu, Efua Dantaa, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah and the rest of the gang that initiated and executed this program to the shame of the NDC Party and Mother Ghana, have their names burnt into the memories of the poor taxpayer populace, and for the bad negative reasons.

I dont and wont envy them. It is not their fault.







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