Did you sign contracts with the Travel Agents? No l did not. I only wrote letters. This was when Elvis Ankrah wanted to sue the Travel Agents.

Unsold tickets returned to Ghana, when the supporters couldn’t attend the matches. USD 653000+634000 = USD 1,287,000. Whiles POTAG and UTAG are on strike, this man took this money and gave it to FIFA for free, and drugs for cholera are not in the system.

Players USD 100.00*******
Officials USD 150.00
Ambassadors USD 200.00

Withholding tax of 5% of all payments made out to recipients was captured as an EXPENDITURE and this item was absorbed by the Govt of Ghana, through the Ministry of Sports.

The GNPC, a wholly owned State Organization, was the main Sponsor of the Black Stars. Any dime it spends belongs to the Ghanaian Taxpayer. This means any extra money Elvis Ankrah collects from the outfit also belong to the state. The Minister told the commission that since GNPC is a profit making organization, monies it gives out to the GFA cannot be probed under FIFA rules, unlike if it were a public non profit making entity.

USD 136,000.00 was paid as Service fees to the Caterers, after their air fares paid by the committee, food items paid for, and their lodgings taken care of.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and his committee also engaged a band to play music which no one attended, except the Ambassadors to the unholy figure unbelievingly of USD 200,194.00. Why he did not dance to the music of the establishment beats my mind.

PROTOCOL – Flags GHC 106,400.00
Adverts GHC 321,000.00

TICKETS FOR SUPPORTERS was paid for by the Chief of Staff’s Office. This excludes the GHC 4.5million that the Brazil Supporters Program collected from the public and private Sponsors.

Did you exceed you Budget, asked the chairman of the commission. Yes, I did, answered the Minister.

Did you send someone from Brazil to Ghana to bring you money? Yes.

Becca, an Ambassador who was paid an APPEARANCE FEE of about USD 25,000, lodged in a hotel at the committees expense, received allowance of USD 200.00 per day, was again paid when she chose to sing for the Ghana delegation.

Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, the small brother of the Minister was a member of a six member Scouting Delegation that toured Brazil three times at the States expense. He took his per diem each trip for those activities as a member of the MEDIA TEAM FOR THE BRAZIL 2014 PROGRAM.

Yaw Ampofo Ankrah ended up working for SUPER SPORTS.


Any mistakes in wrongful figure quoting is mine and not meant to spite the commission and the personalities in attendance. Such inaction and action is deeply regretted.

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