Rawlings Roots For Kofi Adams


A deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams, has received a massive endorsement by his boss and former president Jerry Rawlings as he campaigns to be elected national organiser in the ruling party.

Rawlings says from his close association with Kofi Adams, he has seen him to be so good at what he does that he should have been the substantive general secretary a long time ago.

The ruling party goes to congress in October to elect national officers and Rawlings, in an interview with Metro TV, said he believes delegates need not look beyond Kofi Adams for a national organiser.

“Quite frankly I think he probably should have held the number one position a long time ago. He is that good and if we are truly interested in seeing people of integrity provide the necessary leadership for the NDC, its people like him who can do so. And I think the support base realise it, know it, people respect him for it and I believe the electorate within the NDC and the members of the congress, I believe, also recognise Kofi for that.”

The former president said Kofi Adams had sacrificed a lot for the NDC party and has also come out very clean through trying times. “He’s one person who has been able to maintain his integrity like many others but who are being shunted aside by a handful of others.”

Rawlings said his personal verdict on Kofi Adams is that he is not corrupt, else the two of them could not be working together and expressed the hope that delegates bank on him.

Former President Rawlings had in the same interview prescribed the election of men of vision and integrity to lead the NDC into election 2016, saying it remained the saving grace for the party that needs to do more to convince the populace that it was taking the right decisions in national governance.



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