nash adamah

Today I listened to a program on Neat Fm in which the President of the GFA Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi comfirmed that the Black Stars Management Team, (BSMT) also took some of the controversial appearance fee that was airlifted at the insistence of the players to Brazil.
Some of the rich and honourable members of the BSMT mentioned were SIKKENS, MOSES PARKER and the powerful NDC Organiser, Mr YAW BOATENG GYAN.
On the same airwave, I heard again clearly the former powerful minister of sports that led the Brazil Delegation saying, NO MEMBER of the BSMT collected an appearance fee. He stated only the twenty three players and ten technical officers were paid.
The sums or figures being floated around did not matter to me. What got my undivided attention was the contradictory outpourings of those two public figures, one under the unshaken protection of FIFA, and the other being the WhizKid of the Mahama Admin.
Is the moral society dead? What legacy are we leaving our next generation if we do not punish wrongdoers today?
Or society has come to the acceptance that, money, no matter how it is made or acquired is the measuring tool by which a succesful and honourable man in our society is weighed.
How the state handles the Elvis Afriyie Ankrah’s Black Stars Supporters for Brazil issue, and how the state and FIFA cleans up Kwesi Nyantakyi’s MATCH-FIXING allegation, will go a long way to restore the RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY that has gone wayward these days.
In my books, thieves and criminals cannot earn my poor valueless respect, rich or not rich.


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