Of late there is total silence about the usain bolted Ghanaian cedi. Attention has now been shifted to dumsor dumsor. Now that the prayer of The Archbishop has worked, and that focused planning of the Finance Minister Seth Tekper have showed good results by the solid stabilization of the local currency against the US$D, why cant the doomsayers give praise where it is due?

Instead, what we hear today again is the incompetency of the Mahama Administration. The delegation that went to dialogue with NGAS has returned with positive results. We wait and see what the next topic is going to be.

Is this the Ghana that our fathers fought the colonizers for? What at all have we done to be saddled with this evil called the United Party and its descendants?

But I blame no other than Rawlings and the wife. Those two greedy bastards would only fight for their interests. Had they not started the Mills Admin bashing with their vile tongues, the NPP wont have the nerve to be voicing out their lies today.

We live to see.


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