The Chiefs, Elders and the people of the Afife Traditional Area, on Sunday, 29th December, 2013, at an impressive but short ceremony, installed TORGBUI GBEWOAZA I, as the NGORYIFIA I (Development Chief) of the Afife Traditional Area. Present at the ceremony were Torgbui Tenukpo Azadagli III, Fia of Tadzewu, Torgbui Agbeve Ayirim III, Dufia of Agbevekorpe and Secretary of ATACA, and Regent Yao Avornyo, of Dufia Ayivor Stool.

Torgbui Gbewoaza 1, until then had been the NGORYIFIA I of Tadzewu, a town within the jurisdiction of the Afife Traditional Council.

In a speech to mark the event, Torgbui Adzaklo V, Dusifiaga of Afife and also the President of Afife Traditional Area Chiefs Association (ATACA), extolled the virtues and good works of Torgbui Gbewoaza and urged him to help develop Afifeland. He expressed the hope that with the good wishes of his subjects, Afife would witness a renaissance that is long overdue.

Torgbui Adzaklo V, the Dusifiaga of Afife, also pledged the support and collaboration of all the other Chiefs, the Assembly members , the Unit Committes and the people of Afife towards any initiative that Torgbui Gbewoaza I, might undertake.

In his acceptance speech, Torgbui Gbewoaza 1, the Ngoryifia of Afife asked all the people to let peace prevail, saying that in the absence of peace, development and prosperity would elude the area. He also asked all the Chiefs and Heads of institutions in the area to furnish his office as early as possible with their contacts and developmental plans as he is determined to hit the ground running.

As Ngoryifia, he is to execute programmes for the development of the Afife Traditional Area by mobilizing all resources, within and without, (human, material and financial) towards the upliftment of the Motherland, Afife.

TORGBUI GBEWOAZA I, NGORYIYIFIA OF AFIFE, also known in private life as MR.WILLIAM KWAKU DOGBEY, is the Managing Director (MD) of Wilkado Construction Works Limited, a General Building and Civil Construction Company headquartered at the Spintex Road, Accra. This entity has been the greatest source of jobs for the youth of Afife. His investments in Agriculture are widespread.

Torgbui Gbewoaza I is known for his philanthropy. Education and Health are areas he has already left his mark.


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