THE REALITY; Uni of health & allied sciences Ho.

God bless JEA MILLS.


Sonetco Institute Intel Unit(SI-IU) paid a visit to Ho to ascertain development in Capital. One of the development that caught and dazzled out attention was the rapid result the University of Health and Allied sciences- UHAS has yielded in the area of development against the background of misinformation going on as nothing has been done or there is no such tertiary institution.

imageUHAS shares a common boundary with the Ho regional hospital which is key and strategic to the practicality of health and allied sciences studies.

On our visit we met the beautiful administration,


Interior is superb and well equipped with modern logistic that such a school deserve though young.

Those doubting Thomas’s will be shattered as they visit the institution because the speed of infrastructure development is applaudable.
The hostel that accommodate the student in it serenity is just a sight to see image

There are about 7 buildings still…

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