I am getting pissed by this constant intrusion into my privacy by those constant calls for peace and compromise to ensure the peace. A nation cannot be cowed by a few hooligans who hide behind the pantyhose of their inept political party. Why? I think we deserve better and should be left to have our siesta when we need it. What is the meaning of ‘NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE’?.

Ghana has always been blessed with alternates. We just have to look towards the Mediterranean coast and applaud the Egyptian Army. If ever there is an army, so disciplined, this is one.

The recent kidnapping of the State of Egypt by the Moslem Political Brotherhood was decisively dealt with by this masterful army, and I applaud them. Today as I blog, that notorious organization is in disarray and had gone underground where they belong as dogs. They had the audacity to burn down churches when they cannot face the might of the army.

This same scenario is going to be played right here in Ghana. The NPP hooligans who went on the rampage after the results were declared are ready to repeat same if their form of justice is not delivered to them. It is only they who should be winners, or justice is not deemed to be served.

The question I am going to ask is can I depend on the professionalism of the Ghana Army to deliver discipline? 

I do not doubt my Army. And I know they are battle ready. It is now or never. Let them bring it on. We are no longer going to be restless, day in, day out.

If this is truly our portion to have our civil war, them may it not be delayed any longer. It is like birth pangs. We shall surely deliver a healthy bouncing baby. Boy or Girl, it doesn’t matter.



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