Syrian Rebels Ban Croissants in Aleppo



Croissants may look harmless, but a sharia committee overseeing a rebel-held area of Aleppo thinks otherwise. The judicial committee, Hayaa al-Sharia, banned Syrians from consuming the flaky pastries earlier this week. The committee isn’t taking a page out of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s book and banning croissants for their impressive calorie count, however — the committee announced that the moon-shaped pastry “celebrates European victory over Muslims,” Al Arabiya reported. Syria was a French colony until the mid-twentieth century.

The fatwa against croissants, which aren’t likely to be abundant in the war-torn city anyway, is part of a growing trend of extremism in rebel groups. Recently, one rebel group controlling a part of Aleppo executed a 14-year-old boy for using the Prophet Muhammed’s name in vain. An Aleppo-based rebel group has also issued fatwas warning women not to wear make-up or tight clothing in public. Syrians typically follow a moderate interpretation…

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