There was this shocking program on GTV at 9pm on Friday, the 2nd of August, 2013. Shocking because a life was lost due to the policies of the VRA, headed by the Communications Director, one heartless JOHN CHOBBAH.

A woman called Perfect delivered a child and was bleeding. She needed to get access to a medical facility but the gates out of the village was padlocked by the VRA security and the poor woman bled to death. I clearly head the JOHN CHOBBAH guy saying the dam is a security zone and as such must be protected. The form of protection is to lock the gates leading and getting out of the villages inhabited by the settler communities. The lock down time is said to be 10.00pm. Then should something happen to any of the poor folks after 10.00 pm as happened in the case of Perfect, only God will decide whether the fellow should live to see another day.

Of what benefit is the security policy of the VRA to the people of Ghana if it should lead to the unnecessary deaths of any of its population. On the panel that discussed this issue were two medical doctors and the moderator of the program, Nortey Duah. These three personalities felt the loss of the woman, but nothing of the kind showed on the arrogant face of JOHN CHOBBAH. When the medical director of health of the area proposed to the VRA Communications Director not to be closing the gates again at 10pm, or more security officers be employed, the heartless VRA man rejected the proposal outright with that silly explanation that the dam is a national asset that must be guarded.

This in effect means the whole and great VRA establishment cannot find any solution to this issue. Should the same issue crop up again after the senseless closure of the road, another life is bound to be lost.

I am calling on the Govt to delve deep into this tragedy and right the wrongs being done against those poor folks.

I propose sanctions against that wicked man who calls himself JOHN CHOBBAH.



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